Which is better for regular international calls Skype or Google Voice?

Which is better for regular international calls Skype or Google Voice

Skype and Google voice are the best international calling apps. They have been found as industry-leading pioneers in this digitalized tech market. They consider as personal or business users in Voice Over Internet Protocol.

But the query has come which is better for regular international calls skype or Google voice?  

Today I am here to discuss and show you which apps are the best for international calling. I’ll compare them in various terms and features, which help us understand the difference between these two apps. It needs to make a decision that which will be better for personal or business use.  

Which is better for regular international calls Skype or Google Voice?

The response to this inquiry can’t reveal in a word. That’s why we should consider their uses, terms, price, and features. Those facts will answer properly and help us to know what is the best app for international calling?

At first, take a short view on Skype & Google Voice.

Google Voice:

  1. Google LLC owns Google voice.
  2. It was started on its journey in 2009.
  3. Google developed this service.
  4. This is a telephone service, and it offers call forwarding with voicemail services.
  5. This app provides messaging with voice calls but can’t put forward any video calls.
  6. It mainly needs for voice calls.
  7. It offers services as voicemail as well as call forwarding.
  8. The number of users is very less.
  9. You can use a regular number as your Google voice to make any regular phone calls.
  10. Google voice is the original feature of Google.


  1. Microsoft Incorporation owns Skype.
  2. This app was launched in 2003.
  3. Skype Technologies expanded it.
  4. This is a telecommunication service and offers video and voice calls.
  5. Skype lets you use video and voice calls and even ultimate messaging.
  6. It is used for video calls.
  7. Skype doesn’t provide call forwarding services.
  8. The number of users of this app is huge.
  9. Though it has a Microsoft account, users don’t need any number to make calls.
  10. This is not the original feature of Microsoft.

Difference between Google Voice & Skype

Now, look at what the key difference between both apps is. And which is better for regular international calls Skype or Google voice?


The Services of Google voice provide by mega-brand Google with unlimited resources. It has the lowest down-time rating of other VoIP options. Skype also has a super brand at the back of its services (Microsoft). But it is pretty shakier. For flawlessness uses Skype get 1.0 rating out of 5 stars where Google voice is great.

Easy to Use

In terms of use, both VoIP calling apps platforms are very easy. Anyone can use them for personal or business purposes.

Google voice is allowed to use from any internet browser or smartphone, or tablet. It is outstanding for small businesses that can influence exiting devices to let your staff have a performance business number.

Though Google voice doesn’t include a desktop interface directly, you can use it with Google chrome. When you have to place a call from PC, go to Dashboard and press on “Make a Call” button.

But to use Skype, you have to access Dashboard from your desktop application, other devices with an internet connection. So, you will get an extra option. Both apps here will give your similar facilities to make any international calls.


Google Voice is free for calling from any number voice, mobile, and landline for personal use. But if you should use it for business, you need to pay a lower price per month.

Skype lets you use it freely for only personal use also, but there has a caution. You can only make calls from skype to skype freely. If you need to call other phone numbers like mobile or landline, you need to spend some money on a monthly subscription.

Is Google Voice good for international calls?

Well! It is good asking, but another question is that is Google voice cheap for international calls?

Yes, Google Voice lets you to create or receive international calls at a low price, even free than Skype. As a cheaper app, it allows you to make free calls from PC to PC, taking a very short time.

To make or receive calls over Google voice, you just need a number, just like a phone number. You can contact other people using it and can give them to connect with you. For an easy and quick system with a cheap price, most people want to get Google voice than Skype.

Is Skype better than Google Voice?

Most people would like to use Skype from a few senses, where Google voice offers more facilities than Skype.

  1. Google provides great integration and G Suite that makes you good fans of Google Meet. You will also be fans of Skype for its Microsoft office 365 & windows-10 services if you want to use this app for business purposes as a VoIP solution.
  • In other terms, Skype number includes some more facts to present compared to Google voice. One of these is a desktop app. Google voice pledges by Google chrome extension. It is very much suitable to have a desktop app at discarding.
  • The browser-based app is normally prone to crashing if you know that some particular browser can be used many RAM. Skype allows making any international number with twenty-six different countries where Google Voice permits only eleven countries.
  • But the key facts for which you would like to prefer Skype number are some advanced features. Even they don’t normally count as business phone scheme category. For example, they are conference calls with more than 250 participants, sharing your location, collaboration activities, perfect time translation, and much more.

Summary: If you don’t want to use many advanced options such as call recording but emphasize reliability with a big brand name like Microsoft, you can go for Skype.

Why do we recommend Google voice better than Skype?

Though Google voice hasn’t many subscribers like Skype, it can challenge the best one VoIP provider. We suggest using Google voice for various senses, like cheap price, arsenal features such as email incorporation, unified communication tool, call recording, and even voicemail transcription.

We suggest Google voice for a free international calling option for individual and business use. Google voice is a more reliable app than skype, which is the most significant fact for the business owner.

Sum up it!

When you think which is better for regular international calls skype or Google voice, we must recommend Google voice. You should use this app for three reasons: cheap price, reliable communication system, and more advanced features for business contact.

Now it is your turn to consider which one will be better as an international calling app for your personal or business use. 

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