Explore The Information of What is Google Voice and How Does It Work

Google Voice is such a combination of exciting features that will let you use all your contact numbers through only a Google voice number. So, Google Voice will be a way ticket to create an integrated phone system for your business. However, this content is for you if you want to know more about “what is Google Voice and how does it work”? 

Besides, this Google Voice review will go over the features and advantages of Google Voice through this content.

What Google Voice Is

Google voice is an internet service that will allow you to combine all your office or home phone numbers altogether. You can make a free call from Canada to the US. Even when you will make your call from the US to Canada, you don’t have to pay for this.

But, if you are from any other country except Canada and the US, you need to add credit. 

However, you can forward your call through a Google voice number. And, an immediate notification you will get in all the devices that you have connected to the Google Voice number. 

In this situation, you can receive a phone call from any device based on your convenience. 

But, make sure you have linked all the numbers with your Google Voice.

So, in a simple way the Google Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.  And, through your Google Voice, you can receive and make calls worldwide.

How does Google Voice work?

Google Voice works very well in the cloud-based phone system. It goes through the Internet connection to transmit all your calls. Google Voice works through wifi or a data plan on your phone to connect the calls from any place. 

However, to use Google voice, you must have an Android or iPhone. Not only that,, you can make your call through Google Voice using your laptop.

Google Voice goes through the calls and texts from any number of Canada or US.

Also, you can forward your calls coming to Google Voice number to any other phone number that you’ve linked with Google Voice. You can forward any of your office or personal phone calls.

Besides, you have the option to set the incoming call time based on your convenience. However, let’s know more about how Google voice work in a short details-

  • Broadband Connection

Google voice works through a broadband connection. So, as long as you have that connection, your Google voice will let you make and receive your office/home calls with no hassle.

  • Phone Number according to Your Locality

Google Voice also works excellent through its unique phone number that you have to choose based on your business location. In this case, you have to give your area code while choosing your Google voice number.

  • Call Recording

Through Google voice, you will be able to record all your calls so that you can use those recordings later while needed. And, this call recording feature of Google voice is too popular among the users.

  • Google Voice Call Alert

While someone will call you, you will get an alert that will help you decide whether to receive it or not. Even while you will back that call, your Google voice will not show your cell number.

How Does Google Voice Work for Business 

Here are all the crucial reasons how Google Voice will help you grow your business. 

  • Customer Service

To maintain your business, you must deal with the different problems of your customers. Are we right? In this matter, use Google Voice as your customer service line to provide 100% phone support to your customers. 

It is beneficial to handle thousands of clients anywhere around the world.

  • Multiple Phone Number Traits

Google Voice will let you use your local phone number according to your business location. It is a highly functional condition to grow your business.

While you need multiple phone numbers to use for your business, you can use them through Google Voice Alternative. 

  • Easy to Maintain Privacy 

For business purposes, if you don’t feel good using your phone number, use Google Voice Number. You can forward all your business phone calls to your unique number. 

But, the receiver will see your Google Voice number. In this case, you have no worries about spreading your number.

This is the way how Google Voice works precisely for you and your business purpose.

Google Voice and iPhone

It is a brilliant trait that Google Voice can work through iPhone besides your Android and web. To use Google Voice on your iPhone, you have to download the Google Voice app from the App Store.

And, that app will allow your Google Voice work on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Advantages to Use Google Voice

While you think about merging your several phone numbers using several devices, Google Voice is a huge alternative. 

It will relieve you from carrying multiple devices for multiple numbers. You can control all the cell number’s calls through your Google Voice number. Let us share with you some more exciting advantages of using Google Voice-

  • Device Switching

If you need to change or switch your device while on call, you can do it effortlessly through Google Voice without hanging up the call.

  • VoiceMail Transcription 

Through the advanced speech recognition technology of Google Voice, you can transcribe your voicemail easily.

  • VoiceMail Recognition

If you cannot pick the phone and if that person leaves you any voice mail, you can listen to it at your convenience time.

  • Easy to Start

It is pretty easy to start with Google Voice for the newcomers. So, if you are new to Google Voice, it will not create any problem to begin. 


How does Google Voice work?

Google Voice keeps ringing to all your cell numbers while someone is calling. But to enjoy this service, you need to link the number with your Google Voice number.

Does Google Voice work without wifi?

Yes, it does. To let your Google Voice work without wifi, you have to turn on the cellular data on your device.

What can Google Voice do?

Well, Google Voice can help you forward your office or home phone calls to maintain them at a time.

Does Google Voice work on iPhone?

Yes, Google Voice works well through iPhone like your Android and web.


The idea to get through what Google Voice is and how does it work is vast. But, you can define Google Voice as the best worker in terms of the cloud-based phone system. It is a budget-friendly way to deal with all your customers at a time without carrying all devices.

It is affordable and safe to use for your personal as well as business purpose.

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