Confused What Are the Advantages of Google Voice? Let’s Explore

Do you want to know “what are the advantages of Google Voice”? Well, you should know more about Google voice before knowing about its advantages.

Our content will give you precise knowledge of Google voice, its key features, how it works, why you should use it. Also, you will learn advantages, how you can create your Google voice account, etc.

However, Google voice will be your best partner with its tremendous benefits to make your daily go spontaneous. Here’s how!

About Google Voice

Google voice is considerably well suited for business owners. Business professionals often have to manage multiple phones, including their office and home at a time.

So, if you need to use several phones to make and receive calls, you must carry all the devices. Right?  But, when you use Google voice, you will be free of this device-carrying hassle.  

Google Voice is a phone service that will facilitate you through its call forwarding features and voicemail service. Also, you will get voice and text messaging. 

While you buy a Google voice account, you can link all your other numbers. As a result, you can easily forward all calls to the google voice number. And, you don’t have to carry all devices with you.  


  • Screen Calls
  • Span-Calls Protection
  • Cost-Effective
  • Smoother International Calls
  • Voicemails Personalization 
  • Blocking
  • Voicemail Transcriptions 


Google voice is completely affordable to make your call overseas. While you are the users of the US, you will get a free phone call service. But when you need to make the call outside the US or overseas, you have to spend some money.

In this case, you have to follow the different Google voice plans, for example- Free, Standard, or Premium.

Voice Subscription PlanPayment Per Month
Starter Google VoiceUSD 10 per license
Standard Google VoiceUSD 20 per license.
Premier Google VoiceUSD 30 per license

Starter Google Voice Plan

The cost for this plan is 10 dollars. You can use a maximum of ten users within ten domestic locations using your one account. Advantages you will get through this plan are-

  • Free calling to the US 
  • Free calling to Canada
  • Google Fi Compatibility 
  • 24/7 Supports
  • Service Agreement
  • Usages Reporting

Standard Plan

You can make an unlimited call using this plan for only $20 using only an account. And, in return, the following benefits are-. 

  • Multi-level Attendant
  • Outstanding Desk-Phone Support
  • E-Discovery for all calls
  • E-Discovery for voicemail and SMS records

However, if you are a domestic business holder, then we recommend you to have standard plans.

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan costs 30 dollars each month. Using this plan, you can have a limitless number of users, national and international domestic locations. The advantages you will get through your standard plan will be the same, including data regions and advanced plans.

If you are a giant international business holder, then google voice will be a right decision for you.

How to Make Google Voice Call

To make a call using Google voice is pretty effortless. It is almost as same as the regular number calling. You can make your Google voice call from a computer, Android, or iPhone.

However, go to and open the app on your device.

Find out the “call” button. If the number you want to make a call is already on your call list, you can make your call directly. But if the number isn’t on your call list, you have to select the number from your contact list.

Many users find it tough to select the number from the contact list for their first time. In this case, you easily dial the number on your keypad and make the call.

Remember, you have to make a minimum of one phone call each month. Or else, your Google voice number will be inactive after 30 days. You have to sign up for a new number again at that time. 

How it Works

It is too simple to make and receive a phone call through Google voice. Google voice works for the different operating systems differently. That means you have to select whether you will use your Google Voice for Android, iPhone, or non-android-based phone systems.

However, Google voice works as long as you can be connected through broadband.

Google voice a single phone number that will allow you to forward all your call to this single number. That means, due to Google voice, all your devices will start ringing while someone will call you.  In that time, you can receive those calls on any device you want.

Advantages of Google Voice

Here are the tremendous advantages that you will get using Google voice.

  • Making & Receiving Call through Gmail

You can make your calls to Canada and the US utterly free through your Gmail account.

  • Call Forwarding

The most familiar advantage of Google voice is its call forwarding trait. You can forward all your numbers to your google voice number. Also, you can transfer your present phone number to a google voice number. As a result, you can keep your Google voice number secret if you want.

  • Recorded Voicemail 

Google has an outstanding feature to listen to recorded voicemail. Even you can answer that voicemail in the middle of that recorded voicemail. In that case, you have to press the star-key.

  • Call Recording

Not only you get a recorded voicemail feature in terms of Google voice. But, you can record your call in the important events, for example- business meeting. As a result, you can use them as solid evidence while needed.

  • Device Switching

Suppose you are talking over the phone and your phone hasn’t enough time to continue.  For that reason, you can change your device in the middle of your call. But, to change that device, you have to press the star-key.

  • Cost-effective

Google voice is well affordable for all its users. It is not that costly. 


You must have got your answer of “what are the advantages of Google voice”? In the cloud-based phone system, Google voice will offer you the highest advantages. 

It is an outstanding tool to manage your business or personal phone calls at a time hassle-free.

Most importantly, it will let you handle your office and home phone wherever you go. And, Google voice has the highest possible advantages for business professionals.

So, we did find some more reasons for you to be confused with its advantages. You can decide on the Google voice tool undoubtedly now.

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