Make out What Are Google Voice Numbers and How They Work before You Buy

We all know about Google voice, more or less. But people often get confused while they think, “what are Google voice numbers?.”  Some people get confused about whether the phone number is the same as the Google voice number.

However, if you are also in such doubt, then we are right here for you to remove all your doubt.

We will tell you what Google voice is, its features, how it works, and other relevant and necessary facts in our content. 

Keep going with us, and don’t miss out!

What Does Google Voice Mean

Google voice will give you a voicemail service to customize your voicemail and forward all calls. It is free for all its Gmail users. It was established in 2009. 

Users will get this service available in their iOS, Android systems. Also, you can make your web call through your computer.

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If you are a user of several devices for your business or personal issues, then Google voice will be a convenient medium. It will allow an abandoned opportunity to manage many cell numbers through your single Google voice number.

So, expand your freedom of communication with Google voice!


You will get the following Google voice features-

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts
  • Free Voice Record
  • Free Calls Download
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Free Google Voice Number
  • Easy Start

Google Voice Numbers

So, what can you do with Google voice numbers? Well, while you buy your Google voice account, you can make and receive phone calls, texts and voicemails. 

You will have to choose and verify a number considering your area code. That number is called Google voice number. 

After buying your Google voice account, you will get a US phone number based on your area code through your Google voice number. And, Google voice will not charge any fee for providing that US telephone number.

What is more, calls of Google’s voice number will automatically forward to all other devices.

How Your Google Voice Number Works

Your Google voice number will allow you to receive phone calls from all of your other devices. But, you have to link those numbers with your Google voice account. 


Your Google voice, of course, will let you make outgoing phone calls from those devices that you have linked with your account.  

Even you can make your outgoing call from your PC or laptop. The exciting matter is that the receiver will see only your Google voice number, whatever device you dial from. 

How to use Google Voice Number


To use Google’s voice number is as simple as your typical cell number. You have to download the Google voice app. Now go through the following procedures below-

  • Open the app while you’ve finished downloading 
  • Click on ‘Menu”
  • Now, you’ve to click on “Call.”
  • Select now your Google voice app to make your call
  • You have to select when you want to call through Google voice, and to do so, select “Driving Mode.”
  • That’s it!

Why You Use Google Voice Number

You will get several good reasons to use Google voice number. To cover up all those reasons, in short, is not possible in our few sentences content. But here are the top reasons that the users consider the best to decide for Google voice number. Let’s see what they are-

  • Free & Unlimited Texts

You can make unlimited texts through the Google voice app or even a website. Also, the Google voice Chrome Extension will let you get your text service for free.

Besides, you will not lose your previous texts while charging your device.

  • Call Recording Trait

The call recording trait of Google voice is an excellent service for the users. You access the recording online whenever you want. 

The call recordings keep their significance while making you go for any meeting or interview for your business or personal obligation. Later you can refer to those recordings while needed.

  • Call Forwarding Rules

The most compelling reason why you will like this tool is its call forwarding rules. Call forwarding rules don’t just mean to forward calls. 

It means you can set which calls will reach your device when and where through your Google voice number. Users find it outstanding! 

  • Device Switching 

Another fantastic trait of Google voice is its device switching mode. This feature will help you switch your device even when you are on the mid-call. 

To switch your device, press the star-key, and the rest of your devices will start ringing. You can then receive your device nearby.

The Benefit to Have Google Voice Number

You can record your calls through a web-based application. And, it is easy to start anywhere you want. Even you can make an emergency call using your area code while you are unable to port your Google voice number. 

Get some more advantages from Google voice number are-

  • Google Compatibility
  • Google Calendar Combination
  • Google Meet Integration
  • App for Android and iPhone

Difference between the Calls You Make from a Google Voice Number and Normal Cell Number

There are huge differences between the calls you make from your Google voice number and regular numbers. So, let’s figure out the differences between these two-

  • Calls from Google Voice Number

Google voice number is a number that will get you the call forwarding as well as voicemail facilities. 

Through Google voice calls, you can receive or make calls right after turning on your Google voice calls function. 

It means you are allowed to forward your only Google voice number to multiple devices. Services that Google voice will make you available are, for example-

  1. Voicemail
  2. Free Text Messaging
  3. Call History
  4. Call Screening
  5. Blocking Unwanted Calls
  6. Voice Transcription
  • Calls from Regular Number

Calls from regular numbers to your phone, on the other hand, will let you answer directly. It means you need no internet connection while calling in your locality. And, you can make your call from mobile to mobile.

Herewith, regular call system, you are not allowed to get the call forwarding system.


You have already known a lot about what are Google voice numbers through our content, we suppose.

While you need a perfect and straightforward solution to merge multiple numbers into one, you have no alternatives but a Google voice number. 

Besides, it will help you avoid carrying all your devices and manage different calls from different devices.

So, these are all about Google voice numbers.

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