Essential Guidelines on How to Use Google Voice You Can Follow Right Now

If you don’t know how to use Google voice precisely, this article is the right choice for you.

There are several significant functions (e.g., Hushed and Burner) of Google voice that you should know about. It is a free internet telephone service that lets you forward all your calls to several devices at a time.

In our content, you will learn about several functions of Google voice and its uses. 

Alright, so first, let’s know what Google voice is!

Google Voice

Google Voice is a VoIP phone service that will let you use several phone numbers through a single and unique number. Walker and his team established Google voice in 2009. 

You will be able to receive and make a call using Google Voice, and also, you can use your Google voice for forwarding calls. This call forwarding service of Google voice will help you to make your communication effortless.  

If you have a microphone and speaker, you can use Google voice solely to make calls through any of your devices like- Android, iPhone, laptop, etc.

You can even control all your incoming calls through only one Google voice number.

The Initial Stage to Start With Google Voice


Well, look at the given picture above. Right after creating your Google voice account, you will see an interface like this picture.

Now, you have to select whether you want to use your Google Voice account for personal or business use. 

Click on “For Personal Use” while you want it for your aspect. It will then show you three options- Android, iPhone, and web. 

From there, you have to choose an option whether you want to open through your Android, iPhone, or web. But, remember, while you will click on “Web,” you have to enter your regular Google account email and password.

However, if you want to use the number for business, click on the “For Business” Button. And go through the procedures.

Use Google Voice on Computer

Using Google Voice on your computer is too simple. Follow the given steps below and learn how you can use Google voice on the computer.

  • Go to the website of Google voice and sign in to your regular Google account.
  • Now you have to enter the area code in the text box.
  • Select a phone number and click on “Verify” to verify that number.
  • Click on “Send Code.”
  • You will now receive a code. Enter that code in the text box.
  • Then again, click on “Verify.”
  • Click on “Claim” while finished verifying. You have to click on “Claim” because you need to confirm the number to make your calls forward.
  • To end the procedures, click on “Finish” two times.
  • The initial stage to start with Google voice will be then wholly done.

This is how to use Google Voice on a computer

Use Google Voice on an Android/iPhone

The process to begin on a computer and iPhone or Android is almost the same. To use Google Voice on your iPhone or your Android, download the Google Voice app on your device iPhone or Android. Now select the Google voice account to attach a number to. Click on “Continue” now.

Now you have to select a number that you want to use for your Google voice. So, click on the “Search” button right on the next page and choose your Google voice number. 

At this time, you have to enter your area code to get the number list according to the region you live in.

To select the number, click on “Select” (the Green button) and again click on “Next” to get verification. Enter your contact number through which Google Voice will send you the verification code.

And it is now time to enter your code to start to verify and click on “Claim.” And, you are done right after clicking on the “Finish” button.

This is how to use Google Voice on iPhone or Android.

How You Can Link More Numbers to Your Google Voice

The most critical part of using voice is knowing how you can link more numbers with your Google voice. Keep reading to learn how you can connect all your phone numbers to the Google Voice number.

To link your other numbers to the Google voice, go to the Google voice dashboard. Now scroll down to the dashboard and click on “New Linked Number.” Now, you have to enter the number that you want to link with your Google Voice number. 

Click on “Send Code.”  It will take the same procedures as you verified your first number.

Now, what do you think? Don’t you want to see the list of all your linked numbers? Well, to see all the linked numbers, you have to go back to the Google voice dashboard. Scroll down, and you will see a phone icon. Right under that phone icon, you will see all your linked numbers.

How to Make International Calls With


You have to go to log into your Google Voice account. And, to log in, go to

Keep a calling credit to pay to make your international calls. Except for your calls from Canada to the US, you have to pay for all calls.

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (51)3.png

Add Credit

So, to add credit, click on the gear icon and again click on the “Payment” button on the sidebar. 

Now you can make your call right after entering the country code. Just click on the dial icon and insert the phone number you want to call with. 

At this time click on the phone icon to start your calling. You will get an automatic voice message each minute to know the call rate per minute. So, if you see that your credit is getting over, you can hang up. It is cool!

iPhone/iPad/ Android

Calling from your mobile device (iPhone/iPad/Android) is almost similar to the calling procedures of a computer. 

All you need is to make the difference on the first step. It means to open your Google Voice app from the device you want to make a call with. If you’re going to make a call from an iPhone, then open the app from the iPhone.

Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Can I use Google Voice on my iPhone?

Yes, you can simply use Google voice on iPhone, Android, and even on a computer.

How does Burner work with Google voice?

Using Burner on your Google Voice is free. But it will give all the exciting facilities like call forwarding, voicemail transcripts, and so on. It is crucial to use your Google voice number.

Can anyone trace my Google voice number?

Tracing your Google voice is tough for someone as the Google voice remains to disappear. But, in case of any legal quarry, the enforcement agencies can trace your Google voice number.


Our content was to teach you how to use Google Voice. And, we expect that you already have learned the crucial functions of using Google Voice.    

To use Google voice is not scary. Somewhat more flexible and exciting as your usual smartphone app. Google voice will facilitate you to make/receive calls and get additional support of recording, texting, and burner/hushed numbers.

Hushed and Burner numbers, however, will help you support your phone calls, text messages, MMS, etc.

So, what is Google voice used for must be clear to you now.

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