Google Voice personal vs. business

Google Voice has become a popular phone option for people’s both personal and professional life. It offers a hodgepodge telecommunication service and is controlled through a simple web-based platform (Gmail). That’s why the number of users is increasing day by day and made recorded customers from last recent years.

The personal Google Voice service can also use for business purposes.  As it offers many user-friendly features like messaging, call forwarding, voicemail, etc., many small to medium business owners use Google Voice as their regular business call system. The main reason behind this is it makes free calls and mostly low-cost phone calls worldwide.

So, today we are going to discuss the uses of Google Voice personal vs. the business world. Here we will see how this email service becomes double after launching through its features, cost, and rates. We will also show you the main difference between personal and business numbers and how you could change your personal to business number.

A brief history of Google Voice:

In 2009 Google Voice first launched as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. When this comes along, people started jumping to the idea of free virtual calls that seemingly worked with their mobile or cellphone. It’s a free phone call service and only needs an internet connection.

So, it is accessible on any device such as laptop, mobile, android, and IOS system via an incredible app Google Voice. From then, people from any class (students, job holders, and business owners) use this number to make a phone call. Especially it had a tremendous effect on the business owners.

Because they can maintain their privacy without sharing the original number with the clients, they can also maintain a separate business line via voicemail. It seemed pretty cool that this virtual telephone service turned heads in the small business world even. Apart from this, Google Voice also offers lots of free and paid features. Let’s dive into that:

Google Voice personal features:

  • If you have a Google Voice number, you can link this number with multiple other numbers. It enables you to get forwarded calls to linked numbers and solve reception problems from anywhere.
  • A personal Google Voice user has only one user account.
  • Under personal account, the phone number is only used in USA local country.
  • This account does not offer international locations.
  • It offers transcripts for voicemails via laptop or mobile apps (Android, iOS, etc.). However, verification is required.
  • You can add credits any time to make a call.
  • Conference calling is also easy.
  • You can easily block spammers and other unwanted calls.
  • Customize messaging option is also available.
  • Finally, you can text any number.

Google Voice business features:

  • A business Google Voice user account starts from 10, and according to plan, it goes up to unlimited.
  • Under business account, the number can simultaneously add to any other country of the world. You can connect 10 or more numbers from the world location.
  • A business account offers unlimited international locations. Like a personal account, it also has call forwarding options to the different linked numbers.
  • Business accounts also offer transcripts for voicemails, and no need to verify the phone number from another number.
  • Under this business account “Do not disturb” feature is available with correct calendar working hours.
  • Even identifying Google incoming Meet Calls feature is also available.
  • Furthermore, you can use all contracts from your corporate diary under this account.
  • You will also get desk phone availability with auto-attendants if you have this account.
  • It provides an awesome answering service through instant message and video.
  • This feature can handle a high volume of the call.
  • It has a screening system. Thus you can maintain privacy.
  • It also integrates customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Finally, you will also get several ring groups if you transfer your personal account to a business account.
  • Lastly, your bill will be payable by the organization. Not by yours. It is also a plus point.

How to set up Google Voice Account (personal and business):

Now it’s time to know how to set up Google Voice. Here we will show you how can you set it up personally and can also change it to your business account:

  • First, open the Google Voice website and click “Get Google Voice” if you use a laptop or computer.
  • You should go to the same page if you are open from your mobile or iOS and Android devices and select “Personal.”
  • On that page, you will see lots of terms and conditions. By clicking ok, go to the next page.
  • There you will ask to give your area code or city code. You select area code accordingly available in Google. They will match your phone number with that area code.
  • So, verify the current phone number promoted in Google and then select “Send code.” So, a code will be sent to your number as verification.
  • You verify the code by giving the key text to the website.
  • Then click “Finish” 2 times to ensure that you have completed the Google Voice account creation.
  • Finally, to link more numbers, you can click “Liked numbers” and do the necessary settings.

How do I change my Google Voice number from personal to business?

When you have planned to get a business account instead of a personal one, it’s also easy. You can do that in both ways by using a website or using apps.

  • Sign in to the Google Voice website and select “Get Google Voice.”
  • On the next page, you will see whether you want to create a “personal” or “Business” account.
  • You choose Google Voice “Business” subscription and choose the plan accordingly.
  • You can add and customize the settings from the available features.

Google Voice personal cost:

If you want to use Google Voice just for making free calls, chatting, and messaging, then a personal plan would be best for you. As a personal plan is free of cost and you can do quick and customizable communication, you can prefer this limited opportunity. The only this you need is a Gmail account, and it’s also free. So, enjoy your transcribed voicemail with lots of text, messages, and voice calls in Google voice Personal plan.

Google Voice business cost:

 The question arises does Google Voice free for business? If you are a small business entrepreneur, you can use a free “Personal” plan, of course. However, it’s better to use the “Business” plan as a free plan might have limited functionality and may not be suitable for the business.

Starting from $10/Month business plan has three different subscribers, and these options are totally absent in the free version. So, if you need Google Voice service for an appropriate business, you can look at its sweet and must-needed business plan features. 

So, let’s see the Google Voice rates for a different business plan:

  • Starter package: $10/ month for 10 users
  • Standard package: $20/month for 50 users
  • Premier package: $30/month for unlimited users.

What is the difference between Google Voice for personal and business?

The main difference implies the using system. For personal usage, undoubtedly, anyone will appreciate Google Voice. On the other hand, if you go for a business plan and implement it in your long-listed VoIP business providers, they will not regret it in terms of price and service. It’s certainly an interesting, clear telecom service.

As business account offers lots of beneficial features, they can leverage free communication service and make a big difference to their business. As an example, we can think about distributing business cards to all our clients and customers. It is highly impossible, right?

Whereas to meet with many peoples, if you used Google Voice and swapped your personal number to the business one, you can quickly get to know about that people. It will also help you to make better boundaries and sharing information with other business clients.

At present, this is the actual business policy. So, Google Voice business account can definitely bring a difference in business. Remember, It doesn’t matter whether you are a small or starter business owner. To make a perfect position in the business, you should be accessible from anywhere.

Final thoughts:

In today’s professional world, what do users love? Simple interface, free calling system so that they can use free anonymous number. Overall they can have an alternate number with their personal number.

And surprisingly, Google voice has got all these benefits. It’s very easy to use, and people can save money on mobile or landline.  The saying, “You get what you pay for,” relates to Google Voice. Although it’s not perfect many small businesses still find the right choice for the money.

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