Is Your Google Voice Not Working? Find Out Why

Since the moment Google voice started working in the cloud-based phone system, it has become the sole worker. The benefit of using Google voice is to be free of converting phone calls from one device to another, and anywhere you want. 

However, we often hear some common problems, for example- “Google voice not working.”  If your problem is also the same, then this content is right here for you.

We will cover up all the reasons why such problems occur and what you should do to solve them. So, be with us, read our content, and let your cramp go away.

A Little Brief on Google Voice

Google Voice is a phone service where you can forward your office/home phone call from one number to another. As a result, you have no hazard to carry all your devices with you. 

That means we often carry several devices to make or receive calls due to our business purpose. But having all the devices and maintaining them every time is quite a hazy mean. 

In this case, you can choose the Google voice to get rid of this problem. Using Google Voice, link all other devices with your Google Voice number.  

At that time, it will connect all your devices, and you can convert all the calls using one device.

Indeed, Google voice will lessen your everyday phone call troubles. So, you can use it spontaneously.

How it Works

While anyone will call you through Google’s voice number, it will start ringing on all your other devices. In that case, you receive your phone wherever you are. 

Even you have the option to select only for a specific device. But, usually, the Google Voice users link all their devices.

However, Google voice works through a broadband connection. Besides, it is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that will allow you to make a call directly from your PC or laptop.

Get Started with Google Voice Accurately

Your Google voice will not work if you don’t begin through the proper procedures. So, check out our given steps below and make sure whether you have got started accurately. And, get out of the sentence “Google voice not working”.

Log in Procedure

Log in to your Google account.

Select Your Google Voice phone number

Search Get on this site. And, you have to select a number that you will use as your Google voice number. 


Here,  the number you want to select, you have to select according to your area code. But, sometimes, you won’t get the available number based on your area or city code. In that case, you can select somewhere nearby you.

Verify Your Phone Number

You have to verify that number after your selection is finished.

To verify your number, click on the “select” button and then on the “Verify” button. Enter your number this time. Click on the “Send Code” button now.

Google will now call/text you with the code. Enter that code and click on “Verify.” And, this is the end of your verifying phone number.

Make Your PC Set-Up

Once you’ve got your number verified means you have to check whether the number is okay to forward calls. The question is, how will you check this? Right? Okay, no worry!

Just click on the “Claim” button. Click on “finish” two times. And, you can now use this number through your Google voice. 

Download Google Voice App 

This time, you need to download the Google Voice app for your iPhone and Android.


Agree on the terms and policy while installing this app on your device.

Note: You can change the present number anytime you need to.   

Google Voice Outgoing Call

Google Voice outgoing calls can be interrupted if you make any settings error. But it is not that a big deal. Following a few specific procedures carefully, you can overcome this difficulty by far.

Causes and Solution for Outgoing Call Interruption

  • Google Voice Account, Phone Number & Email Address Setting

You have to confirm a Google Voice account and a phone number when your Google Voice outgoing calls are not working

Also, the email address you enter has to be the same one you used for your Google voice. 

  • Outgoing Call Settings

In addition, your Google voice outgoing call will not work unless you turned on the outgoing call option. So, make it sure.

  • Sim Settings

Many users often keep the sim turned off to use for the Google voice in their absent mind. In that case, too, your Google voice outgoing call will not work. Here, you must go to the sim settings and turn the sim on.

  • Lack of Knowledge to Make an Outgoing Call

Even it can happen when you don’t know how to make an outgoing call through Google voice.  Usually, beginners face this problem. 

In this problem, you will have to go through our following steps- select the option of “Call with Google voice.” Now tap on the “Call” button. This time, Google voice will make your call to the number you have selected.

Remember, you have to make your call from Google voice through the Google voice app. 

  • Cellular Data

Make sure that your cellular data is on, or else your outgoing call will not work.

If you follow the given procedures correctly, your tension of “Google voice outgoing calls not working” will go away.

 Keep Belief on Us!


Why does Google Voice often doesn’t work with my iPhone?

Well, first of all, if you have a poor internet connection, then Google Voice will often fail to work with your iPhone. 

Second, you have to be sure that the functionality of Google voice is well updated. 

Third, make sure the Google voice has sufficient voice in its application. And, if you can fix those three things, your Google voice will work with the iPhone magnificently. 

Afterward, you will not have any more questions like-Why is Google voice not working with iPhone?

Why Doesn’t Google voice ring on my iPhone?

If you find your Google voice not ringing on the iPhone, then you must be having some settings error. Therefore, go through our following procedures and solve your problem-

  • Go to the Google voice app
  • Click on “Menu”
  • Click on “devices & Numbers.”
  • Click on “New linked number.”
  • Enter the number 
  • You will now get a code including six digits. Enter this code
  • Once your number is verified, Google voice will ring your iPhone.

Why doesn’t Google voice work?

While you didn’t turn on the “Google Assistant,” “Hey Google,” “Voice Match,” it means you are on the question “Why is Google voice not working?”. 

In this case, you have to turn on the GA, HG, and VM on your Android device. 

What is a Google voice account error?

If you try to sign in from a non-US IP address, it will show you a Google voice account error.


While your Google voice is not working, it means there’s something wrong with your Google voice function’s settings.

Though the function of Google voice is hazard-free, still, you will get Google voice account errors, iPhone ringing problems, and many more. But these problems are not because of Google voice functionality. But, it is because of your settings error in many cases.

Consequently, you have to be attentive while fixing your settings for the first time. And, once you will start accurately, you will be familiar with its settings. So, don’t be worried!

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