Use google voice for business and upward your business growth curve

Google voice number is a very convenient addition to the Google family. Google divides the voice number service into two groups. One is personal, and another is business purpose because they understand a dedicated number is required to succeed in business.

You can use Google voice delicate phone numbers to maintain healthy communication with all the business-related persons and avoid carrying multiple phone hassle. By using Google voice for business, you can maximize your profit generation. 

Here, we will discuss every single prospect of Google voice as a business game-changer. Let’s look at the bones of the content. 

How to use Google Voice Numbers for Business?

You have to know the exact process of setting google voice numbers to assist your business growth. Otherwise, you can’t use this google service accurately. To set up a Google voice number, follow the below simple steps. 

  • Step 1

Ensure an uninterrupted internet connection to your computer with Wi-Fi and mobile with Wi-Fi or mobile data. Then visit the google voice website. 

  • Step 2 

Now sign in to your Google account. Here, you should not change your google account except Gmail or Google Drive. Then, read the service terms and conditions carefully, and press the “Continue” button. 

  • Step 3

In this step you have to write your service area code and your mobile number to get the USA service number. 

  • Step 4

Google voice service authority sends you a six-digit verification code to your number. Now, by typing the code number, you have to complete your account verification. 

  • Step 5

Now, go to the setting icon and set up your incoming call to forward calls to other devices. 

That’s it. If anyone calls your google voice number, you will get calls to all your phone numbers and receive anyone beside your hand. 

Why should you buy Google Voice Accounts for business?

You can use the free version of the Google Voice number or buy a verified account to get in touch with your customers and clients. A first impression is crucial for your customers, so a verified account is more convenient for you. Let’s have a look at the benefits of buying Google voice accounts. 

  • Customize your ringtone and greetings

You can easily customize your phone’s incoming calls ringtone and greetings according to the relation between you and the caller. So it keeps positive impacts on both of your relations and shows your efficiency.

  • Cover full Canada or the US calls

With the Google Voice account, you can receive and send text messages or voice calls all over Canada and the USA. It increases your company’s promotion to these countries and helps to capture the lion’s share of the existing markets.  On a positive note, you can expand your company service by using your foresight and google voice number.

  • Social media verification

Your google voice account helps to verify your Facebook account and other social media accounts. That’s why all kinds of social media accounts will be safe and free from hacking. Not only that, you can collaborate with social media accounts with google voice as a marketing tool for your business. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

There are many secrets of running a business successfully. From all of these secrets, one is to reduce cost without sacrificing service or product quality. Here google voice account is excellent to serve this purpose. It mitigates the cost of maintaining different phones for different purposes. As a result, one dedicated number for communication helps you be a master of business communication and reduce cost. 

Where to buy a google voice account?

If you search online, you will get multiple companies offering you the service of buying a google voice account. So it’s not a very tough job. It takes some moments to buy the account. But, you have to consider some vital features before placing your order to buy a google voice account. 

Considerable features are

  • Ensure 100% satisfaction and account recovery  guarantee 
  • 24*7 customer support with a dedicated supporting team
  • Access to use the USA number anywhere.
  • Superfast account delivery
  • Account replacement opportunity if needed
  • Affordable price 

What’s the difference between normal and google voice number business?

Maybe you think why you should use a Google voice business number rather than a personal number. Or what is the difference between them? Yes, both offer to receive and send calls and SMS from multiple phones, but both have some differences. Such as

  • A personal account provides you a maximum of one user number, where a business account offers 10 to the unlimited number of users. 
  • The personal account covers only the USA. On the other hand, the business account covers 13 regions and countries.
  • You can’t get access to unlimited international locations through your normal number. But, google voice number for business offers you this unlimited location access facility.
  • You have to verify your business account with another phone number. In this case, the personal account doesn’t require this verification.

Final words

When you turn your profession from job to entrepreneur, your working space will be vast. Not only that, you have to perform many responsibilities. For example, dealing with clients, searching for the source of products, enhancing service quality, recruiting efficient employees, building strong customer relationships, networking with business-related influential persons, etc. 

Google voice for business accounts helps you to meet your commutation goal. We suggest you transfer your normal phone number to a google voice number without wasting your valuable time.  

Let us know what the difference you see to your business after using Google voice for your business. We value your opinion, and it inspires us to keep going to inform you of this important information.  

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