Free Phone Calls With Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service number from Google that allows you to use it as a normal phone app with more flexibility. For many users who don’t simply want to manage too many phone numbers, Free Phone Calls with Google Voice are perfect for them. Because it’s undoubtedly a great source for merging multiple communications channels via free Google Voice calls. 

It’s also suitable for travelers who can find themselves challenged by changing different numbers and paying for international calls. As it spends a lot of cash, they can make free phone calls online to Google to make incoming and outgoing calls free by using a single phone number.

Make free calls with Google Voice:

Before getting any Google Voice service, you need to have a Google account first. By using the account, you can sign to Google Voice and get a phone number. This number is also considered as VoIP line, and you can connect this to your multiple devices, including your work phones, desk phones, PC, and mobile phones.

After connecting, you can use it for free calling and receiving calls. You can also send and receive text and read transcriptions of your voicemails through the Google Voice service. This service also offers to customize the voicemails, spam, and regular calls to leave a message for the callers. Thus, you can get all these facilities in one number instead of using three different numbers.

Types of Free Calls:

You can make 2 types of free calls by using Google Voice.

  • Using your PC to phone calls
  • PC to PC phone calls.

Both the types you can say free “phone to phone” calls as the destination number is the same for all types of calls. Only you have to sign up and use a “Call” option and type the number. 

How to sign up for Google Voice:

  • Make a Google account and go to the Google Voice Setting page.
  • Select “Choose” at the top of the page and give a suitable area code you want to use. Then select the number you want to use.
  • Then go through some steps and link up your phone number with Google Voice. You can also connect your multiple devices for this purpose.

How to make calls with Google Voice on the computer?

  • Make free phone calls from pc to mobile phone. You need to install the Google Voice and Video Chat plugin on your computer. It’s also called Hangout Plugin.
  • To save money and make your phone calls more reliable again, you log into Google Voice and enter the number in the given space.
  • Press the button to make a call.
  • Then you can make free calls or chat by using Gmail.
  • For PC to PC calls, this plugin is used for video and audio chats. You can also you in mobile by installing mobile apps for your iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Google Voice Call Rates:

Usually, if you have Wi-Fi or cellular data, Google Voice calls are free in the US and Canada. For making free calls, the only USA and Canada local numbers are used. However, to use another country’s phone number and make a call, you have to pay $0.01/ minute. This rate also depends on the country and the location you live. Extra roaming charges may also be applied for calling, according to Google.

Google Voice Call Limitations:

Although Google Voice is free in the USA and Canada, there is a certain limit. You can spend a maximum of three hours continuously on a single cell, and automatically the call will disconnect. But you can call the same number over and over again. So, that’s not a calling issue. On the other hand, PC to PC hangout calls are not restricted. So, you can enjoy it.

Final Thoughts:

Making free calls in Google Voice is fun. If you use it from your mobile phone, you will find it user-friendly and enjoy a great time with friends. If you use from your PC, you will also find phone calls very clear and easy to operate.

So, if you require a web service or use the internet for your personal use, enroll in Google Voice and use a single unique number conveniently.

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